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Artist Chu Tat-shing "Divine Land. Enduring Legends" Solo Exhibition in Los Angeles, USA (2023) 


Artist Chu Tat-shing "An Array of Insights" Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong (2011) 

Chu was commissioned by

Hong Kong Heritage Museum to create a 12-ft tall Bruce Lee sculpture, unveiled by Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter in 2012.

"When creating a sculpture of Bruce Lee, I don't want to use any defensive postures.  Bruce's iconic kick is unparalleled and is his signature move.  It's full of strength and force."

Maestro Chu Tat-shing 朱達誠



Solo Exhibitions

2023  Divine Land. Enduring Legends, Chinese American Museum - Pico House, Los Angeles, USA

2023  Art at Heart, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

2019  Art at Heart: Sculpture Exhibition of Chu Tat Shing, Hubei Museum of Art, Hubei, China

2017  Aesthetic Contemplation: Ink Paintings by Chu Tat Shing, Cheer Bell Gallery, Hong Kong

2011  An Array of Insights, Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Center, Hong Kong

2004  A Warmer Tomorrow: in honor of seven medical professionals who died during SARS epidemic, sculpture exhibition, Artist Commune, Hong Kong,

2002  Chu Tat Shing Sculpture Exhibition, Times Square, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions

2021  Heir of Dragon: Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Overseas Art Groups Honoring Xuan Yuan Huangdi Culture and Art Cloud Exhibition

2020  Breakthrough 2020: Master of Art in Hong Kong, Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong

2019  Chinese Pose: The Fifth China Sculpture Exhibition, Hubei Museum of Art, Hubei, China

2018  Ink Painting. Two Cities: Shenzhen Fine Arts Institute, China

2017  Across the Shores and Four Corners Sculpture Exhibition, Guangzhou, China

2016  11th China Arts Festival: An Exhibit of Selected Outstanding Works of Art, Xian City, Shanxi, China

2015  50th anniversary of the establishment of Hubei Provincial Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei, China

2014  Unfolding Visions, Hong Kong Exchange Square, Hong Kong

2011  Third China Changchun World Sculpture Exhibition, Changchun Sculpture Park, Jilin, China

2010  90th Anniversary Art Exhibition of the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Hubei, China

2008  Back to Nature, Third Beijing International Art Biennial, Beijing, China

2005  MFA Achievement Exhibition, class of 1980, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

1999  Ninth National Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

1992  Contemporary Hong Kong Arts Biennial Exhibition, HongKong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

Exhibitions Juried

2021  Jury panel, Ink Global 2021, Hong Kong

2014  Jury panel, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Artists District Exhibition at the12th National Artist  Exhibition, China

2010  Jury panel, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Artists District Exhibition at the 11th National Artist Exhibition, China

Exhibitions Curated

2005  Curator of Hong Kong sCULpTURE, Joint Exhibition for artists in Hong Kong, China and Macau


2018  Drifting Gold in the Sea of Art: Jingchu Rhythm, Yangtze River Passion, Hong Kong Cultural Circle, Hubei, China

2017  Symposium of “Mosaic China”, Guangzhou, China

2014  Symposium of the National Museum: 110 Years of Professor Liu Kai Qu, National Museum of China, Beijing, China

2011  The 3rd International Sculpture Conference, Changchun, China

Permanent Collections at museums

2019  Art at Heart, entire exhibition collection, Hubei Museum of Art, Hubei, China

2011  Dr. Sun Yat Sen statue, bronze, 5 meters tall, Zhongshan Warship Museum, Wuhan, Hubei, China

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