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"The process of creating a work of art is akin to giving birth to a child, from conception to delivery after nine months. It brings me great joy and excitement."

Maestro Chu Tat-shing 朱達誠



Portrait Sculptures

Chu's portrait sculptures not only vividly depict the form but also reflect the spiritual essence and temperament of the person being portrayed. The audience is deeply moved by Chu's ability to capture the essence.


The secret behind Chu’s "uncanny craftsmanship" is his ability to observe with his "mind's eye" and to study the background and story of the person to be portrayed before creating the sculpture.

"While creating Dr. Sun Yat-sen's portrait, I aimed to break away from the traditional way and capture the essence of a young, resolute, and dynamic Sun Yat-sen who was determined to save his country."  --- Artist Chu Tat-shing

Calligraphy Sculptures


Chinese cursive calligraphy, also known as "grass script," is a beautiful form of art with a rich history and cultural significance. The history of Chinese calligraphy can be traced back to over 3,000 years, with the cursive script being one of the most fluid and artistic styles of calligraphy.

Despite its ancient origin, Chinese cursive calligraphy holds a contemporary feel. The sweeping brush strokes and flowing lines create a sense of movement and energy, and the characters themselves contain a beauty that transcends time and culture. This is why a sculptor's work featuring cursive calligraphy will have a contemporary feel even though it showcases an ancient art form.

Abstract Sculptures


Chu's art practice is not confined to realistic sculptures.  He has a passion for creating abstract sculptures that inject Chinese philosophies and beliefs, allegories, symbolic folklore and myths into modern art forms. 

Chu showcases an exclusive permanent exhibit of "abstract sculptures" in his hometown, the Hubei Provincial Museum, China. 

Croquis Drawing

Drawing IMG_0261_edited.jpg

Aesthetic contemplation is a record of the period when Chu felt a lot of stress during his first ten years in Hong Kong. He started from scratch at the age of 42, but he found strength within himself and discovered positive energy through art and sculpting.


Suppression can be a form of beauty, and Chu uses his "super-swift" brush strokes to release stress and express his re-interpretation of suppression via art.

Public Art

Chu is a prolific sculptor.  He has been commissioned to create multifarious forms of large-scale sculptures and statues for public viewing in different parts of the world.  Chu has also used his magic hands to depict the unique personality and inner beauty of many public figures via his creation of portrait sculptures.    

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